Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting was held on September 30, 2018 and the following directors were elected.   

2019 Board of Directors 

Kees den Otter – President                         ph 250-864-7713, email: [email protected]
Bryan Lakusta – Vice President
Karen Forsberg - Secretary
Janice Henry – Treasurer

Directors at Large:
Stevan Pastor, Laurie Cole, Kevin Fabian, Mike Henry, Rod Friesen, Corrine Friend and Doug Lobay
Club Pro: Rosie Schaich                               ph 250-769-6641

Mission Statement
Lakeview Heights Tennis Club is committed to the advancement of
tennis by stimulating interest in the sport through skill development,
social and competitive opportunities. Members will be encouraged to
participate at levels appropriate to their needs and abilities and have fun. 

Code of Conduct

Players should wear proper tennis shoes and attire. All members have
a duty to encourage and maintain the highest standards of good
sportsmanship, courtesy and fair play, and are obligated to avoid all
unsportsmanlike conduct and any acts or practises detrimental to the
game. These include physical or verbal abuse and audible or visible
obscenities to partners, opponents, officials, or spectators.
Failure to comply with Club Code may result in:

- A warning
- Suspension of playing privileges
- Expulsion from the club
Any sanction imposed may be appealed by writing a letter to the Club
Executive. The executive’s decision in matters of discipline or policy is
March 5, 2007 
Unless there is an umpire, players are responsible for calling all balls on their side of the net. Any doubt must be resolved in favour of the opponent and it is against the rules to enlist the aid of spectators in making line calls. Calls of “out” or “let” must be made instantly as a delayed call means the ball hasn’t been seen clearly and is therefore good. Disagreement between players on a line call means there is doubt, so the point must be awarded to the opponent. Remember, if 1/100th of the ball touches 1/100th of the line, the ball is good. Your opponent should not have to win a point twice to get one point. Line calls are more accurately made from straight down a line than across a line. Players following the above rules will come off the court at the end of their game having had fun and feeling respected as tennis players, whether they are winners or losers.

Lakeview Heights Tennis Club Bylaws

Members are encouraged to read and abide by the Bylaws. Please open document from the link below.
Lakeview Heights Tennis Club Bylaws